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CinQ is a Video Game for Leadership and High Performance Teamwork

A highly scalable team program

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“Organizational performance is a team sport”

Test leadership, teamwork AND soft skills

Designed to test the new “digital leaders”, CinQ is a multiplayer video game for 5, highly collaborative, difficult and immersive with an exciting scenario and an integrated coaching module.

Highly scalable leadership and teamwork program

Offering you the flexibility to choose the place, time, but also the scale of your deployment (from 5 to several thousand), CinQ is designed to work on almost all computers, and has ten games in one, thanks to a dynamic content system.

Transmitting skills directly into the professional environment

You will unlock the skills, abilities and tenacity to make decisions that have an impact on your professional challenges.

What is CinQ?

CinQ is the next step in managerial development and professional training. [Image: 3 screens with CinQ game footage] Immerse yourself in a dystopian future with the mission of leading your rebel team in a tactical undercover operation. To be successful, you will need to demonstrate an excellent ability to work in a team. Learn to analyze, navigate, communicate, hack, and adapt optimally using new technologies.

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