Behavior change requires a positive confrontation with the observation of behavioral practices

The practices


Develop your personal leadership

Calibration of practices according to 4 levels:
  • exemplary
  • operating
  • penalizing
  • disqualifying
[Image: Measuring Practices]

Observe the gesture of a craftsman, a pianist or a pilot.

The work on behavioral practices consists in working on the ‘effective gesture’ embodied by speech and attitude during critical situations, moments of truth in the exercise of one’s responsibilities.

How to do it? How to tell them?

How to do it and tell them otherwise?

Négociation Stratégique

When the traditional pedagogy where the trainer goes from point A to point B stumbles, the detour pedagogy makes it possible to cause a shift starting from an experience to a new reflection.



Harmonize teams and increase performance

Think for a moment about the streams that flow from the mountains: the furrows dug in the earth create a real channel in which the water rushes and flows.

The same goes for our thoughts which are guided by a predefined framework. It often takes an earthquake for the stream to deviate, and it takes a metaphorical experience for humans to look at new possibilities.

Training through the detour and the metaphor

Giving meaning, co-constructing solutions, sharing a common vision makes it possible to mobilize the energy of all the actors for more commitment

The collective intelligence workshops


Supporting human transformations

Once upon a time…
  • yet another reorganization where everything that had to be done was explained but which caused confusion and de-motivation,
  • a merger whose complicated integration process and without membership brought neither performance gains nor creation of value,
  • a business project which, from badly addressed discussions in weak compromises displeased all the stakeholders,
  • a plan to reduce costs without being aware of the choices made which were followed by an increase in other charges.

How to print a new collective vision of transformation, create a positive emotional wave, meaningful and fruitful?

[Image: Open Forum]
Open Space Forum
Appreciative Inquiry Approach
[Image: Appreciative Inquiry Approach]
[Image: Systemic Picturing Representations]
Systemic Picturing Representations

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