Why Alto’e?

Why this Name?

It is the triangulation between auto (moi), alter (others) and éco (the environment) that gave birth to Alto‘e.

It is above all a conviction: some people wake up at war with themselves, quickly with others and consequently with the environment. It is in the intimate connection to oneself that one can positively connect with others and connect spiritually to the universe… It also proceeds from a triple regulation:

  • Self-regulation, so many deviances unfortunately find their source in a slope to the ego too much expressed or sometimes insufficiently nourished.
  • La socio-régulation, dans l’altérité ma liberté ne s’arrête pas là où commence celle des autres mais s’étend à travers celle d’autrui, à condition de ne pas trop se décentrer pour en finir altéré voire abîmé.
  • L’éco-régulation, la prise de conscience de notre Oïkos (au sens grec de maison, patrimoine), de la matrice qui nous fait vivre engage à la co-responsabilité et à l’attention aux ressources utilisées.

Alto’e intègre aussi les trois directions des services que nous proposons. La particule ‘e’ signifie aussi en japonais le mouvement vers une destination. Le comportement conscient est une mise à distance de l’Humain face au monde, aux autres et à lui-même, seul gage d’efficacité et d’efficience.

The Organization (éco)

The Leader (auto)
The Team (alter)

It contains 4 symbolics:

The infinite ∞

The number 8 is the number of infinity, symbolizing cosmic balance and justice. It invites to harmonize the circulation of energies; it communicates the incessant alternation of polarities by being a symbol of transformation and rebirth. Finally, it is the infinity of possibilities offered to individuals to work together, to organizations to develop innovation and performance.

The ampersand &

Results from the ligation of the e and the t. It is therefore a conjunction of coordination which links and an aesthetic expression through this spelling. It also symbolizes the reconciliation of paradoxes often perceived as so much truth which oppose instead of connecting. She invites us to leave the tyranny of ‘or-or’ for the genius of ‘and-and’ or ‘by-by’ (one by the other and vice versa).

The Moebius strip

Has only one side unlike a conventional ribbon which has two. It also symbolizes the idea that life is in one piece even when two perspectives seem to oppose. In the medical field, Moebius syndrome is a disease that freezes the muscles of the face; called “smile disease”, it invites us to embody “the extra smile” and to keep our face informed of this internal joy by a smile as often as possible…

The colors of the model of the dynamic spiral

Reduced to only blue, orange, green and yellow which also symbolize the evolution of society, organizations, and leadership. In this representation: blue embodies order, morality, status; orange self-expression, success, rational; green for the sensitive, the harmony, the collaborative; finally yellow which represents the system, the integral, the functional. We have gone from the blue world to the orange as the dominant model in modern organizations, with a current challenge of a transition to new forms of post-modern green / yellow organizations and leadership going from ‘control’ to ‘chaos ‘to take the two extremes which call for a skillful synthesis.

…And an exercise for your brain gym: the Lazy 8

Follow the instructions for The Lazy 8s integrates the left and right fields of vision, increasing the integration of the left and right hemispheres while improving coordination, balance, attention and concentration.

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